City of Wolverhampton Council: 01902 551 155

Contact the City of Wolverhampton Council by calling their general enquiries telephone number 01902 551 155 in order to pay any parking fines or discuss your council tax payments.


Profile of the City of Wolverhampton Council

The City of Wolverhampton Council offices are based in the Wolverhampton civic centre, located in St. Peter’s Square in the city centre. The council has a total of 60 councillors, whom work under a cabinet system of executive decisions-making, mirroring the United Kingdom government. The City of Wolverhampton Council is responsible for the public services, waste collection and benefit payments of residents in the urban area.


Council Enquiries – 01902 551 155

Call the City of Wolverhampton council on their general enquiries contact number 01902 551 155 for support regarding the public services available to residents of the area. For instance, you can use this number to check the bin collection dates for your post code or enquire about the cost of a bulky item collection. Furthermore, callers can use the above council number to register to vote, both for local elections and to ensure that they are registered for any UK general elections of referendums. Alternatively, you may wish to use this number to quickly pay your bus lane or parking fine over the phone rather than via a postal cheque.

As callers can put forward a wide range of enquiries on the City of Wolverhampton contact number, you may also wish to get in touch to report a child or adult that you believe is at risk, or is a risk to others. A council representative can investigate your report accordingly before using the appropriate social services when necessary.


Council Tax and Benefits Helpline – 01902 551 155

You should phone the City of Wolverhampton on their main contact number 01902 551 155 to enquire about your council tax payments or ask how to find out your tax band before moving to the area. Alternatively, callers can use this number to enquire about the availability of council properties in the Wolverhampton area before asking how long they are expected to be on a waiting list before finding a home. You can also make any enquiries about your benefit entitlement or ask for further information about Universal Credit, the welfare scheme that has replaced a lot of old benefits. Similarly, a council representative may be able to detail whether you qualify for housing benefit once you detail some personal information such as your income in the upcoming financial year, the size of your property and your post code.


Cost of Calling

The City of Wolverhampton Council uses a local contact number that will charge callers the same standard per-minute rate as any other geographic call that has been made from a UK mobile or landline telephone. However, you may be able to contact the council for free if you are using up any inclusive free minutes that have been offered by your telephone’s service provider as part of your monthly contract arrangement.


Write to the Council

You can also send a letter that details a complaint about the council’s services or to report an incident of fly-tipping and vandalism in your local area. Furthermore, you should write to the City of Wolverhampton Council with a completed alcohol licence application form on the following postal address:

City of Wolverhampton Council,
Civic Centre,
St. Peter’s Square,
WV1 1SH,
United kingdom.