D’Eyncourt Primary School – 01902 558 778

Contact D’Eyncourt Primary on their main reception number 01902 558 778 for enquiries about the school’s admissions policy or to register your child as absent if they are too ill to attend class.

About D’Eyncourt Primary

D’Eyncourt Primary is located in Wolverhampton and offers places to children between the ages 4-11 years. D’Eyncourt prides itself on being an inclusive school that provides places for children regardless of their gender, ethnic origin, disability or religion. The primary school works hard to ensure that all children have access to its broad curriculum while encouraging each of its pupils to achieve their potential having been awarded an Ofsted ‘good’ ranking.

General Enquiries – 01902 558 778

Contact D’Eyncourt Primary on their local Wolverhampton number 01902 558 778 to discuss any of your enquiries about the school with a member of the reception staff. For instance parents of enrolled students can enquire about the term dates if they are planning to take their child on holiday before they also ask about the school’s uniform policy. If your child is giving you cause for concern, whether in terms of their academic progress at D’Eyncourt or in terms of their wellbeing then you can make an appointment with a teacher or a senior member of staff when using the above number.

Contact a representative from D’Eyncourt Primary to speak to a member of the administrative team when ordering school dinners for your child. For instance you can renew your order if you child is currently eating hot dinners at the school on a term-by-term basis or set up a new arrangement if they are bringing packed lunches. You should also contact D’Eyncourt if your child is not currently enrolled at the primary as the receptionist can inform you of the next open day while also discussing how best to secure a place if you are not registered as living in the school’s local area. Furthermore parents can request a D’Eyncourt prospectus to be delivered straight to their home address or arrange a guided tour with a member of the primary’s school teaching staff.

School Absences – 01902 558 778

You should also contact D’Eyncourt Primary on their reception number 01902 558 778 if your child will miss a day if school due to illness. Additionally if you are stuck in traffic and are running late to the point where your child will miss morning registration then it is important to inform reception so that your child isn’t marked as absent for the whole school day. Parents should note that they are not able to discuss taking their child out of school during D’Eyncourt Primary’s term time as this goes against their attendance policy.

Call Costs

D’Eyncourt Primary School uses a Wolverhampton number that charges the same standard per-minute rate for any local call made from a UK landline or mobile. However you may also be able to contact D’Eyncourt for free if you are using up any inclusive free minutes that may be offered by your certain service providers in bundles tariffs.

Write to D’Eyncourt Primary School

If you would like to make a formal complaint or send a payment for a school trip by cheque then you should send any letters to the school’s postal address: D’Eyncourt Primary School, Mullett Road, Wolverhampton, WV11 1DD, United Kingdom.